About us

Armeka has over 30 years of solid experience in protecting equipment from challenges posed by vibration, shocks, and electrical interferences in demanding operating conditions.

Our vision

We aim to support the defense of Finland and be one of its key pillars.

In our specialized field, Armeka is a leading supplier in Finland with a strong reputation and long-standing client relationships.

Our values

Armeka’s core values include appreciating customers, employee well-being, ethics, respect for the environment, and honesty.

Our customers' stringent quality requirements set high standards for excellence, and meeting them is essential for the survival of our company.

Susanna Laakkonen, Sales and Export Manager

Armeka is participating in the Navy's Squadron 2020 Project.

Quality management systems

Armeka has been operating in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard for a long time. In 2020-2021, we renewed our quality management system with a new quality manual, introduced new tools for quality control and monitoring, and provided training for our staff. Our commitment to quality continues in our daily operations, now more systematically organized, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our business in a more customer-centric direction.


In projects related to defense material acquisitions, we also adhere to AQAP 2110 requirements, with over 12 years of experience. In AQAP projects, our regular quality practices are complemented by special quality plans and extensive collaboration with the quality assurance representative.