19″ racks and cabinets


Racks are protection frames that provide a reliable casing around sensitive devices. Additionally, these frames can be placed in protective cabinets, where wire rope isolators between the cabinet and the frame ensure the functionality of the devices even after significant shocks and vibration.

The 19″ mechanics are built around Armeka’s equipment rack mounts, developed for demanding operating environments.

The basic structure of the equipment racks is welded to achieve an optimal balance between weight and strength.

These racks, or equipment frames, can be easily suspended with wire rope isolators in various environments. Alternatively, they can be installed within a cabinet using wire rope isolators, providing optimal protection. The modular design allows for the combination of larger configurations.

Materials such as steel or aluminum can be chosen, with coatings tailored to customer needs.

Equipment racks are always custom-made, allowing freely selectable height and installation depth.

Read more in the VET RACK product brochure.


Drop test

The objective of the drop test is to verify that the tested object withstands a specific shock level. Suitable shock isolators are chosen for the test, and residual shock levels are calculated. In the test, the rack is dropped in the length, width, and depth directions.

Vibration analysis (FEA or FEM)

Finite Element Analysis simulation, also known as vibration analysis, is a test conducted to assess vibrations. The test calculates the isolation natural frequencies and transmitted vibrations, simulating the vibration scenario at a level defined by the end customer.