Wire rope isolators


Wire rope isolators - sometimes called cable dampers - are designed and dimensioned according to their specific operating environment following client's requirements. Protections implemented using wire rope isolators are the most commonly used method to achieve device-protective damping in military electronics.

Wire rope isolators can be utilized in industrial applications as well as marine and military use. In ARMEShield damping, the wire rope isolators are durable (lifecycle over 20 years) and easy to install, also as a retrofit. The high quality and situation-specific dimensioning of the isolators ensure reliability in all conditions.

For calculation, we use our proprietary sizing program designed for isolator planning. More information about the design, sizing, and testing process of dampers can be found on the Solutions page.

General characteristics of wire rope isolators (WRI)

  • Low resonance amplification
  • Fully metallic structure
    • Cable and screws are stainless steel
    • Aluminum frame, chromated T6+ treatment Cr6 free
    • Other materials on request
  • Operates in three directions (x, y, z)
  • Wide operating temperature range, -150°C…+300°C
  • Excellent shock and vibration damping
  • Static loading per mount: 0,1 – 1000 kg
  • Test standards ISO 10846 and MIL 901

ADDI – additional damping device

ADDI is an additional plate added to the wire rope isolator, enhancing its protective capability in extreme shock situations. With ADDI, shock response can be decreased by 50 – 80%. It’s a simple, cost-effective, and reliable add-on that can be installed in both new and existing dampers. Learn more in the ADDI product brochure.