protects and isolates

Custom-made solutions

for the protection of mechanically and electronically sensitive devices

Our products


Wire rope isolators

Wire rope isolators protect sensitive equipment from impacts and vibrations from multiple directions by providing damping.


19″ racks and cabinets

19-inch rack is a welded, standardized equipment shelving or cabinet where various sensitive devices can be installed.

Transport cases

Specialized cases protect the devices inside. The technology and shell material are chosen based on the required level of protection.


Plastic products

Vacuum molding provides a competitive option for prototypes, small batches, and large-scale mass production.

Armeka is part of the Squadron 2020 project, delivering wire rope isolators, 19-inch racks, and customized equipment cabinets. Our approval process for shock absorbers meets the requirements of the Navy and the shipyard. Shock absorbers, wire rope isolators, and 19-inch racks can be tested against MIL 900 and Stanag requirements. Learn more about our products for the Squadron 2020 project in the brochure.

Our customers

On land, at sea, and in the air


We comprehensively solve complex damping problems in demanding operating environments.

Armeka has extensive experience in protecting sensitive equipment from mechanical and electrical disturbances.

Established in 1986, Armeka is a 100% Finnish-owned company operating with domestic expertise and a strong international network.

We don’t have off-the-shelf products; all our products are tailor-made, and solutions are customized to meet each customer’s needs. We have versatile production capabilities and fast response times.

Dampers are dimensioned for each case according to customer requirements.

Our operations are guided by the ISO 9001 quality management system and meet AQAP 2110 requirements.


Ask about our products, request a quote or share your needs. Our experts are here to help design the best solutions.